Short videos and still pictures


The curator used a tiny digital camera with video capability to take the following videos and pictures. Please note the video file sizes are very large and that unless you have Broadband an ordinary modem connection will take several minutes to download each one. I am working on a way to reduce file size.

Currently the videos are:

1. A trip on the Hornby gauge 0 layout.

Note that part of the journey goes through a tunnel, the light that passes is on another train going the opposite way.

Click here for the drivers view

2. The flying camera.

The camera has been mounted on two types of model aeroplanes, a motorised glider powered by an electric motor and a normal i/c powered high wing monoplane. Both models are around 1.8 metre wingspan. The electric model has proved the better of the two as it is much quieter while flying (the noise on the video is due to the microphone being near the propellor), has less vibration and is cleaner in operation. Radio control is used for elevator, rudder, aileron and throttle with the camera shutter operated using a fifth channel, undercarriage retract, as this control is a simple switch for up or down. In this case it operates the camera shutter.

The large white blob in the field is the curator!

Click here for the video.

Some flycam still shots

My original use for the flycam was to try and take pictures to locate features normally hard to see at ground level. Waiting for suitable flying conditions with the sun low on the horizon to give good shadows was frustrating. There were also many flights giving poor results but some pictures came out quite well. It is difficult to know when to take a picture as it is not possible to see what you are taking in spite of trying to position the model accurately, many flypasts were necessary to get the whole of what I wanted on one picture. I hope soon to get a video downlink working so I will be able to see what I am taking! Here is the best 'low sun' shot of a feature that is just a small bump in a field when looked at it from ground level. Note the long shadows from the trees and the sheep bottom right.

A picture of Binsey taken from the aircraft (I am on the left)

The aircraft is in about the same position as the previous picture but facing the opposite way. In the field just below the wing tip is the vague outline of a Roman Fort.

I am also a member of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team and as we have several searches for missing / lost persons each year I wondered if the flycam would be of use. Here are some pictures taken on a bright day around Newlands Hause.

Easy to see a large brightly dressed group from about 100 metres away.

Flying at 100m above ground level, can you find me? Difficult, isn't it and I am standing in bright clothing casting a long shadow. Unfortunately, most of our searches are at night and in poor weather, so ..... back to the drawing board!

Finally, a picture of the aircraft in flight:

and looking at the pictures!