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The area: Cockermouth TIC, Tel. 01900 822634.

The Lake District:


Other Toy Museums and Museums of Childhood:

Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, (the National Collection) London. Tel. 020 8983 5200
The Isle of Skye Toy Museum is now open again following a major fire,
House on the Hill Toy Museum
, Stanstead. Tel. 01279 813567
Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh. Tel. 0131 529 4142
Museum of Childhood Memories, Beaumaris. Tel. 01248 712498
National Trust Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood, Ashbourne. Tel. 01283 585305
Vina Cooke Museum of Dolls and Bygone Childhood, Newark. Tel. 01636 821364
Pollock's Toy Museum, London. (I am not sure what the current situation is at this museum, the web site is still operating)

Note that quite a lot of other museums have some toys in their collection.

Specialist Train Societies, etc:

Hornby Railway Collectors Association:
Trix Twin Railway Collectors Association:
Train Collectors Society:
Current Hornby & Hornby Collectors Club:
Kitmaster Collectors Club: 109 Head St., Halstead, Essex, CO9 2AZ:
The Tri-ang Society:
Three Millimetre Society: e-mail:
Bassett Lowke Society:
5.5mm Association: Sec. M Savage, 28 Whitegates Crescent, Willaston, South Wirral, Cheshire, CH64 2UX
for website: see the 5.5mm pages on
Model Railways:
Historical Model Railway Society:
Derwent Railway Society:

Everything else:

NSCC (slot cars):
Airfix Collectors Club: or
Card Automata:
Card Model kits:
All you may need to know about card models:

The above sites will take you to many others whatever your particular interest, e.g. the Tri-ang one includes dolls houses made by the Tri-ang factory.

Visit your local toy, model or doll shop and ask them about clubs in your area.

Airfix Ferguson tractor, 1949

Clockwork Japanese Robot, c1960

AS Cartwright / Chad Valley stove, c1938 or late 1940's.

Tri-ang Minic Road Roller on Push and Go Artic, c1960.

Tri-ang Minic Jabberwok, c1960

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