Train Sets

Some of the sets at the museum

Ever Ready London Underground set, 1950's.

An unusual set produced by Ever Ready (the battery firm). A simple motor bogie powered the lightweight aluminium train. Only the set was available with its ring of track, presumably it was the circle line!

Lone Star 000, late 1950's to early 1960's.

Originally push along and later, as here, electric. It was the forunner of the present N gauge although the scales are not quite the same.

Hornby Dublo, mid 1950's

Tri-ang operating Mail coach, series 3 track, c1958.


Rovex, Tri-ang and Tri-ang/Trackmaster, early 1950's.

Rovex Plastics Ltd. began producing a plastic train set for Marks and Spencer in 1950. Tri-ang took over Rovex in 1952 and to expand the system quickly also took over the Trackmaster range of a clockwork tank engine and four wagons.

1930's Hornby gauge 0 set

This is one of the cheaper electric sets. To save production costs the loco did not have cylinders or coupling rods and the wagons did not have buffers. The track is 3 rail with 1 foot radius curves, the loco operating on 20volts ac.