Things to do while at the museum

There are lots of things to do at the museum as well as looking at the displays:

The first thing is not to get lost in the museum. Visitors eventually reappear at the entrance although quite a few have been seen wandering in circles, however, with two old buildings and four levels it does make the museum a bit like a rabbit warren. Simply do as Uncle Thread Bear suggests and follow his paw prints otherwise he has walked in vain through the paint pot. Surprisingly no one has yet remarked that his prints change from black to white and back to black again. There are also 24 of Uncle Thread Bears' family around the museum for you to find, check they are not being naughty, the first one is under the train logo above, move your mouse pointer to find him.

Children from 5 to 16 can do worksheets and for younger ones there is a play corner with rocking horse and traditional wood bricks to keep them occupied while you take your time reminiscing.

The family quiz is for everyone to take part in, simply read the question on blue paper in the showcase and the answer is somewhere in that window. Once the answer is found move to the next showcase number (each window has a number) to check your answer and read the next question - make sure no one cheats! You will have fun finding the answers and at the same time learn more about the toys.

Each year there is usually either something to look out for or a special exhibition, for example 2001 celebrated 100 Years of Meccano. 2003 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Coronation so the object was to see how many toys with a Royal connection or theme could be found on display. 2004 celebrates 200 years of steam railways. An answer sheet is available so you will be able to find the ones you (or the curator) may have missed.

While you are looking at the web site, though, see if you can find all the pages, the bluebells page may take a bit of finding. Currently there are over 47 pages but this number is increasing all the time and I have lost count, if you find any more let me know! There are also dozens of hidden pictures waiting to be found - wave your mouse pointer over every picture, if it changes to a hand you have found one so wait a second or so for it to download.