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Some personal notes in conclusion.

Did you find all the hidden pictures of toys? Most images have something behind, all that is required is to simply put your mouse pointer on to a picture; as the first logo on the home page was a space theme the one here is as well, quick, move your pointer to have a look - the tape was used to give sound effects while playing the Hornby 3DS space game. Even if you found them all you have seen only a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of what the museum has on display. If you would like to know more about the toys on this web site come to the museum, see them and thousands more in real life; inevitably you will remember one you used to have and if it is not on display, ask, the museum probably has one in the reserve collection. I am always willing to listen to anything about toys and models and will do my best to help repair or identify (but not value) anything you may bring. But don't just come to the Lakes for a short time, use the links to get information on where to stay and find out more about this most spectacular, pretty and unique area of Britain in all the four seasons.

High quality images of toys in the collection are available for writers, researchers, etc. and toys can be made available for TV and film work. For information on how I may be able to help you please phone the museum.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Cumbria Tourist Board for the IT grant that enabled the museum to acquire this technology and so make the quantum leap into the 21st Century from the museums original computer obtained from Noah.

I hope you have enjoyed your trip round my first attempt at a website. I have enjoyed making it, even though I seem to have spent more time shouting at the computer than typing. It has also been a sad and very frustrating time, the museum was refused the Foot & Mouth Recovery Grant as it was deemed by The Powers That Be that it had not suffered a big enough loss and pleas for help to the local MP and various bodies, with the above exception, once again fell on deaf ears.

Tell your friends to look at the site and come back to it again as it will be updated as often as I can find the time as this museum is a 'one man band'. Better still, please come and visit the museum, lack of finance has always meant it operates on the legendary shoe string but even this is now getting very frayed and will not last much longer. The museum needs more than just my enthusiasm to keep it going, your entrance money is the sole income and is all that enables it to remain open; no visit, no money to pay the bills, no museum, it's as simple as that.

Rod Moore, MBE, IEng, MIIE(elec), MITE

(also: sweeper upper, coffee maker, toilet cleaner, maintenance fitter, painter, carpenter, electrician, typist, answerphone message recorder, web site designer and everything else necessary to keep the museum going including greeting you with a big smile and a Hello when you come to visit.)


The above page was written in early May 2002. Visitor numbers this year have been almost the worst ever and the museum, along with many other places to visit in the UK, is struggling to survive. Government caused problems such as heavily taxed fuel, way over inflation rates bills yet again with even higher ones in the pipeline, Climate Change Levy tax, the disasterous handling of the Foot & Mouth crisis, etc. do not help. The Lottery has given vast sums to over hyped projects (which in some cases have closed down within months) and many that are now open are still being subsidised heavily while diluting visitor numbers to all attractions such as here. Cheap flights abroad do not help, either.

Why not spend your next holiday in the UK? Instead of going abroad to try and find sunshine, come to the Lakes. Whatever the weather, and in spite of what the weather reports may say, we do have lots of sun up here even if it does rain occasionally. The hills constantly show different aspects and look much more imposing and photogenic with cloud shrouded tops, the reds and browns of Autumn colours, a dusting of snow or the fresh greens in Springtime with carpets of Daffodils and Bluebells. Remember also there are lots of indoor places to visit such as the museum. I hope to see you here in 2003 where you will be made most welcome.

RM, December 2002

Almost 3 years after writing the above the situation has got much worse. Visitor numbers both to the museum and the Lakes have fallen dramatically. Unless there is a substantial, and I really do mean substantial, increase in visitors to the museum in the next few weeks the museum will have to close at the end of November.

RM, 11th August 2005

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