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The museum had an outreach education programme in place since opening in 1989. Although the museum has closed this page is designed to show teachers how the web site can help you deliver National Curriculum topics from KS1 to KS4 (and even higher) as toys can be used in all manner of ways in National Curriculum topics.

For examples click here: Related Topics.
Use the worksheets either as they stand or if these do not quite meet your requirement you can modify them or make your own.

It may be possible for me to come to your school with slides and objects to give talks and demonstrations, phone 01900 823254 or email rod@toymuseum.co.uk for more information.

A loan pack of selected toys to cover several topics is available at a small charge for up to two weeks, see below for more information.

Teachers can email me for information. I have many reference books coupled with a great deal of knowledge on toys and will do my best to answer questions within a week or two. Note that specific questions can usually be answered fairly quickly. If I cannot answer your question I will try and aim you at someone who can.

The museum has teamed up with the resource group TTS. Click here for information on Photopacks for the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's decades. Packs for the 1930's and 1940's will be available soon.

Please remember the toys can be studied not only as social history but for other National Curriculum topics at the same time. Some examples are:
Physics, how do clockwork, electric and steam engines work.
Maths, from simple counting and mental arithmetic while finding the teddy bears for younger children to calculating gear ratios, velocities, etc.
, the countries where the toys have come from (and why).
Design Technology
, the museum is particularly strong in this field with the displays able to generate lots of project ideas for designing, constructing and using different materials, mechanisms, electronics, etc.

It is suggested you look at the 'Students page' as there are pages on power sources for toys and card model project ideas.

This web site itself is a valuable resource of information and pictures (currently around 400) both for you or your students to use. Younger children will gain experience in using a mouse to navigate around while older ones find information, the 'Kids page' is ideal for this, especially the quiz. The whole web site is available on CD for £10 including p&p. Please phone me on 01900 823254 to order.

Worksheets and colouring sheets based on the museum.

Click on the one you would like to see; they will print direct onto A4 paper so make sure your printer setting is set to A4. NB, clicking anywhere on KS 1 and the Colouring Sheets will bring you back to this page as will the 'Back' at bottom right on KS 2, 3 & 4.

Teacher and pupils from St.Mary's, Kells,
Whitehaven complete a KS 1 worksheet.

Key Stage 1
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Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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   KS 1 Find the ......, etc.
   KS 2 Materials
   KS 2 Movement
   KS 3 Materials
   KS 3 Movement
   KS 4 Methods of toy construction & assembly 

    Colouring sheet 1
    Colouring sheet 2


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Meccano cliff railway, an example of designing and making inspired by the museum.

This Cliff Railway was designed and built by a local student as a GCSE major project. It involved writing to both the museum and Hastings (it is based on the real one in Hastings), as well as designing and making the structure, mechanism and electronic controls for automatic operation. It subsequently received grade A.


Schools Object Loan Pack

The loan pack is available at a small charge for up to two weeks. It consists of a selection of toys chosen to show different materials, construction and power sources. Information sheets are enclosed with the pack. The objects can be held and examined but are not to be played with as toys.

There are two conditions for its loan; it must come under the schools insurance while away and has to be personally collected from me by the school and returned by or before the due date. It is not possible to use carriers, etc. Phone 01900 823254 for more information.

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The loan pack ready for transport. The toys are packed in a box inside. The carrying case becomes the display stand after lifting out the Dolls House and unpacking the toys.