Special Needs

Visitors with impaired mobility.

The museum is housed in two adjacent, interconnected, very old buildings having four levels. To see the whole museum involves climbing and descending a total of two flights of stairs. We are very conscious of this but fitting lifts to make the buildings wheelchair friendly would be extremely challenging technically and involve costs which the museum is simply not capable of funding. Access to the ground floor is by two single steps four feet apart, see picture below.

It is possible to use a wheelchair on all four levels and assistance will be given to help you at the entrance steps and internal stairs. We want you to see as much as possible and will do our best to help, please press the bell when you arrive. There is no charge for wheelchair uses to see the exhibits on the entrance level if we cannot get you on to the other floors.

The pictures and text on this web site give a good idea of the toys on display at the museum. If you feel you cannot actually visit here and would like to see more or you have not found a picture of a particular toy e-mail the museum and if we have it here either on display or in the reserve collection we will send you a picture. For a small charge I can send a CD with video clips of the exhibits but it is currently only of webcam quality.

Visitors with impaired vision.

The museum has a collection of objects to 'feel' for visitors with impaired vision, please ask when you arrive.

The museum is now working on a 'talking website' which, hopefully, could be on line in the next few months if the current technical problems can be solved. In the meantime, by going into 'Word' it is possible to manually change text size. Alternatively if you are using Windows and have a 'wheel' mouse press and hold the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard and rotate the mouse wheel to change text size. For Apple Mac users press the 'Apple' key and + / - to change text size.

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