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The museum has a small shop selling a selection of goodies that are ideal either as presents or things to make (and play with!) for both children and adults while on holiday or at home.

We have a selection of card model kits of buildings in 00 scale (99p), the full set of the incredible Flying Pig card automata models (£3.50 each) and the occasional Micromodel card kit from the 1950's (price varies). For the beach or caravan site there are bird, dinosaur and aeroplane chuck gliders (30p each) and quick assembly rubber powered flying models (£1.99) to the simple but excellent flyer BMFA Dart kit (£2). The latter is of traditional rubber powered balsa and tissue construction taking a couple of hours or so to build and ideally requires another hour or two for the glue to dry when the wing is fixed to the fuselage. Free white PVA glue is provided for any of the kits we sell, just ask when you make your purchase.

You can make your own badge for 50p, sit in an old school desk and colour in a train or draw your own design on the blanks provided and we will make it into a 57mm diameter badge in a few seconds.

The museum also buys end of line items so not only is everything very cheap, stock tends to vary as it is often not possible to reorder.

Currently there are very realistic furry clockwork mice (£1.50) although they look more rat size to me, folding picture puzzle cubes (95p), baseball bat and leather ball keyring (25p), spinners (10p), parachutists (70p), porcelain dolls (£1) - yes one pound but they are sold as collectors items and not toys, small cars (99p), traditional skipping rope (£1), soft animal pens (£1.50), gyroscope (£1), jumping beans (70p), watercolour paint sets (50p), woodpeckers (£1), sets of tiny slot together dinosaurs and aeroplanes (£1.60 a set of 9) and small metal construction sets (£1.95).

Mail order is possible but as everything is so cheap in some cases postage will probably cost more than the item. Please phone or email for current supply situation if you want to buy anything.

Flying Pig automata, note that most of these models are now die cut ready to press out and glue together.


Clockwork mice (!)

(the snow globes, 50p,are sold as decorations and not as toys)


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