One of the tin cars from c1957/8. The original Scalex were free running clockwork powered cars but Fred Francis, the inventor and designer, later fitted electric motors. The cars used a gimbal to pick up electricity and guide them round the track, speed control was using a simple push button on-off switch. The driver is made of rubber.
Scalex + Electric = Scalextric



This car is one of the forerunners of Scalextric and is a Scalex clockwork car. It was wound up by pressing it down to engage a fifth wheel underneath then pulling back. Due to its complex shape the body of this MG model was the only one of the clockwork series made of aluminium (all the rest were tinplate). c1955

The Aston Martin and Mercedes from the James Bond set, c1968. Ramming the back of the Aston raised the bullet proof screen and a rock on the road activated the ejector seat. If the Aston hit the back of the Mercedes a spring overturned the baddies car. About half the track in the set was chicane and with a 90 degree crossover there was plenty of action!


The Aston Martin in another guise, the Marshalls car. Working head, tail and roof lights with flags on the bumpers.

Below is one of the few items on the museum layout not made by Scalextric

  Every racing event seems to have young ladies present and our layout is no exception. The 'Pit Lane Babes' set is made by