Kids Key Page

More things to do and make.

Great! You found the water butt.

That was fairly easy.
Now you know how to navigate around the site see if you can find the following hidden pictures:

Doctor Who
Sooty driving a tin boat
A tinplate bus
A Trix electric motor
A house made of Bayko with garage and garden
A camphor craft yacht
An oil lamp operated slide projector
Sindy's boyfriend Paul
The Coronation Chair
A dolls' pram
The 'Loch Ness monster'
A Jetex boat
An abacus
A tin typewriter
A gyroscope
A fairy
A hovercraft
A windmill
A St Bernard dog
A castle


Two sheets to print off and colour in:
(Return to here by clicking anywhere on the sheet)


Sheet 1

Sheet 2


Five questions about old toys. Get the right answer and useful information for school projects is your reward.
Click for a
Quick Quiz
Some suggestions

Use the site to get ideas for those school projects teachers keep giving you, the Meccano cliff railway is a good example that earned one student a grade A. If you haven't found it yet keep looking as there is a button to press to make it work. Most of the pictures can be printed, just put your mouse over the picture and right click for the toolbar.

Tell your friends about the web site - and next time you go to school tell your teachers to have a look as well.

Keep looking on this page as I will add things to print off and more things to do. Coming soon will be a model to print and make.

If there is anything you would like to see added to the site or if you have suggestions to make it better e-mail me and let me know but please ask your parents or guardians permission first.

The curator

If you have not already found it there is a short cut direct to this page without having to go to the Water Butt each time you log on.