The Kids Page



I'm the curator of the toy museum and have the most boring job in the world - playing with toys all day. Only kidding! For a change I thought I would play with the web site so that you can have some fun as well.

If this is the first page you have looked at most things are not what they seem to be at first glance. Move your mouse pointer on to pictures, if the arrow changes to a hand you have found a hidden picture so wait a second or so for it to load. Try it on the blue train logo in the top corner to see the monster that lurks in the water butt. Where's the water butt? It is somewhere on the web site. Once you have found the water butt click on 'Found it!' Point and click on anything underlined to go to other pages.

Start looking on the Home Page by clicking on the train logo, if you get lost simply click on the blue train logo and you will always return to the Home Page so you can start again. The only way to find the rest of your pages is via the water butt - happy hunting!