Hornby Dublo

1938 - 64


Overall view

At Christmas 1955 I received a Hornby Dublo train set and over the years I added more and started to build a layout until other things intervened. This layout is basically the type of thing most schoolboys dreamed about and has been built as my own layout would have developed given the money and space and without the distractions of late teens such as girls, cars, etc. I have tried to incorporate one of most items produced over the years - but, I hasten to add, not one of every variant!

The basic layout is in 3 rail with a single line outer loop, a high level 2 rail loop and a clockwork loop at the right hand end. This layout was built with three baseboards and folds into a Z shape. The main disadvantage of this arrangement, apart from the weight, is that when folded one board has no protection for the exposed trackwork.

The left section is mainly 3-rail and consists of an inner passing loop with island platform, TPO, goods and passenger sidings and a reverse loop. Main line points are electric, two having been modified to isolating ones (a very simple operation, I wonder why Hornby never did it) and interlocked with colour signals. A 2 rail 'run around' section comes in from the centre board, this is also used as a head shunt for the 2 rail sidings.


Centre is mainly 2-rail.

A high level loop allows continuous running with a ramp down to baseboard level and the 'run round' loop. Off this are engine shed and sidings for goods and passenger stock. Colour signals are interlocked with the points for correct operation.

Right is clockwork & 3-rail.

This section has an oval of clockwork track with points leading off to a double track station and goods siding. An electric diamond crossing in the oval allows the outer 3 rail track access to the loco storage lines and a siding for the breakdown crane.