The museum has a huge collection of all sorts of games.

A cheap plastic pinball game in 'self destruct' packaging produced at the time Turtles were popular, late 1980's.

As well as producing Football sets, Subbuteo also made Cricket, Rugby, 5-a-side, Ladies Hockey as well as cycle, dirt track, horse racing and angling games.

Even spectators in deck chairs are included.

Tiddlytennis. As its name implies, tennis played with tiddly winks. Probably 1920's or 30's


Bagatelle board, probably late 1930's.

This one was brought home second hand by the curators father in 1952. Missing pins were soon replaced only to find he had nailed it to the kitchen table. It was eventually prised off and mother was not amused at having concentric circle patterns on her new formica table top



A 1950's game illicitly played by many boys during lessons. If you could not afford the real thing you made the two playing pieces out of short lengths of pencil.