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Central Cockermouth

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Car Parks

Long stay:

1.   Riverside & Market Place
2.   Wakefield Road, for cars and coaches
3.   Sullart Street

Short stay (2 hrs max):

4.   Fairfield, very expensive (this is really a supermarket car park)


ALL DRIVERS - If you enter Cockermouth from the A66 (bottom of map shown above) turn left at the first traffic lights onto Gallowbarrow otherwise you are directed out of town towards Lorton due to the layout of the one way system. It is recommended you go to any car park except Fairfield as this is a very expensive short stay supermarket car park.

Coach parking - click here for information on free coach parking and information on Cockermouth.

Car parking.

For more information on the car parks and car park charges click here: Car Parks

On street parking for one hour (free) is available but you have to display a disc - see next paragraph. Please note that the traffic wardens employed by Allerdale BC are proving to be obsessionally inflexible in interpreting the rules in car parks and for on street parking - fixed penalty tickets have been issued for not parking between the lines in the car parks and being a minute or so over time. Car parks are currently (2005) Pay & Display. Riverside & Market Place are just across the road from the museum and all the other long stay car parks are only a few minutes walk to the museum, follow the pedestrian signs. It is recommended you use a long stay car park as there are lots of things to see and do in Cockermouth. Wakefield Road car park is probably the best as it has easy access by footbridge directly on to Main Street, it is next to a children's playground and is ideal for riverside picnics - but see ‘Eating’ below.

SUNDAY. The disc zone does not operate on Sundays, you can park all day for FREE in the marked bays along the roads. If you go in a car park you will have to pay.

Disc Zone

Central Cockermouth is a Disc Zone and on street parking has a 1 hour limit. Free discs are available at the museum, the Police Station (near the River Cocker bridge) and from many shops. They can be used in any town using the disc scheme. Cockermouth disc zone basically covers the area shown on the map.

Disc Zone sign
A typical disc

Bus and Trains

National and local buses serve Cockermouth, the bus stops are in the middle of Main Street by the statue about 300 yards from the museum.

The nearest railway stations are Maryport and Workington with bus and taxi links to Cockermouth.

Eating in Cockermouth

There is no need to bring sandwiches as there are several excellent sandwich shops along the main shopping streets. For those wishing to eat indoors Cockermouth caters for all tastes from Tea Rooms, Cafes, Takeaways, Fish & Chips to Restaurants including Italian, Chinese and the national award winning vegetarian Quince & Medlar.

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