Card Models

The museum has a huge collection of mainly unmade card
models produced over the last hundred years.

Flying pigs, turn the handle to make them fly. The tiny one is about 3 cm high and is made from a copy of the parts off the instruction sheet. Flying Pig Models, c1999.
For some history of Flying Pig, pictures of models, the MultiPeck, etc. click here.


In the 1950's Weetabix put cut out models on the backs of their boxes. Shown are three of the hundreds that were available at the time.


Micromodel 'Cotton Blossom'. The basic model is in the process of being detailed. To be added are: railings, gangplank, lower deck posts all round, upper deck canopy and scroll work, rigging, etc. Set S VI, 1954


Bruno the dancing bear. Turn the handle and he dances round on the drum, his arms keep the yo yo going up and down and the plate on its stick while spinning the ball on his nose. German, c1999.

This lorry is the load for a World War 2 German Gigant transport aircraft. GPM, 1999.


Micromodel ARC XXII, St Peter's Rome & Vatican, 1954

Micromodel N E Super Pacific standing on Modelcraft track. Part of set M1, 1947.


Micromodel canal narrow boat from
set S XI, 1953.