Card model projects

The museum has been contacted by many students studying Design and Technology. Most projects seem to involve researching, producing and evaluating card models. The following answers most questions that have been asked.

The museum sells a variety of full colour card models to cut out and glue that are packaged in plastic bags: 1. Single sheet A4 buildings at 99p. 2. A large (about A2 size card) but simple model of the Lord Mayors' Coach at £2.50 and 3. A series of humorous card automata at £3.50, each having four sheets of card about 21cm square. Items 1 and 2 are aimed at children but item 1 are 00 scale (4mm = 1 foot) so can also be used on model railway layouts either as they stand or could be super detailed by recessing the windows, embossing roof tiles, etc. Item 3 is aimed at 12 years upwards due to the more complex cutting and assembly requirements. However, as reprints are due, the producer of these models is now having them die-cut so they will all eventually be press out and glue models rather than cut out and glue. Instructions to build the model are either printed on the sheet or on the packet. I have made one of almost all the models the museum sells so that prospective purchases can see what the finished model will look like, a good selling aid as is colour which, although more expensive to produce, looks much more enticing than black and white. Look at the card models page on the web site to see a Flying Pig among others. Email the museum if you would like pictures of any of the models or more information.
  Information on Flying Pig models, prototypes, etc. click here.