The Cumberland
Toy & Model Museum

Winner of the 1995 National Heritage Shoestring Award for achieving the best results with limited resources.

The museum has had to permanently close down due to increasing costs and reduced visitor numbers.
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The musem web site was designed for all ages to be informative about the museum, Cockermouth and the Western Lake District. It is very interactive with hundreds of pictures and information useful for pupils and students working to National Curriculum topics and higher. I have modified the Teachers and Students Pages to enable this web site to continue be used as a resource. However, it would be very time consuming to re jig all the other pages due to the number of site links and interlinks so I have decided to leave those as they stood on the 30th November 2005, the last day of operation. Users should please note that it will not be updated and references to the museum, car parks, other things to see and do etc. will gradually become incorrect or obsolete.

All the objects have now been packed and put in safe storage. I am now trying to find a location to display the collection as an entity, ideally it would need around 10,000 square feet. If you can help in this respect please get in touch, any developments will be reported here. Click here for details.

Rod Moore, MBE
5th February 2006

So, having noted the above,

Welcome to:

The Virtual World Wide 'Cumberland
Toy & Model Museum'

as on the 1st December 2005

Winner of the 1995 National Heritage Shoestring Award for achieving the best results with limited resources.



Welcome to the Home Page of the museum web site. It is hoped that what you see here will encourage you to visit this National Award Winning Museum in Cockermouth, Cumbria, set in the most beautiful corner of Britain, on the north western boundary of the English Lake District.
Look all round the site as it is informative, fun to use and very interactive: pass your pointer over the museum train logo (top right) and see how we used to communicate before the web. Make sure you do not miss anything as many of the images are interactive, move your mouse pointer over them as you travel round the site - and click on anything in blue or underlined to find more pages of pictures and information. Currently there are nearly 400 pictures on 88 pages. In order to access them all go to each of the main subject pages (opposite) as they will take you to other pages, the spectacular 'Bluebells' page may take some finding! All pages are printable and most of the images, simply place your pointer over a picture and if the toolbar does not appear, right click. Come back to the site every so often as it is updated and enlarged regularly (see foot of page).

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